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Invest in your long and open road to discovery and learn the DreamWorks way!

Learn in 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating Volkswagens in Auto or Manual #savethemanuals 

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Over 10 years experience

behind the wheels // 

Born out of a passion for driving and teaching, DreamWorks Driving School (DDS) will get you on the long road to discovery both quickly and most importantly safely.

We turn novices into confident and competent drivers from all ages, backgrounds and levels whether you require a logbook or not. If you have to do a logbook remember: the first 10 hours with any driving school will contribute in total 30hours in your logbook. 

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Invest in your long and open road to discovery and learn the DreamWorks way! 

Learn in 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating Volkswagens in Auto or Manual #savethemanuals 

DreamDriver Learner Highway

That Friday feeling, when you pass your
Why get the bus, when you can use me to
#TGIF and no more school for Ella and al
Our Testimonials
  • "Great Driving School and the instructor Clem is amazing. He goes through all the steps with you and explains everything clearly so that you're not too nervous. Super cool guy and would highly recommend this school to anyone"

Karmen C.



  • "DreamWorks Driving School is fantastic. Clem is a great driving instructor who has helped me gain some new skills for me to be more confident in driving. Before this, I wasn’t too confident, however, now I have gained skills that will help me with my driving. Thanks Clem!"

Phi D.



  • "The only driving instructor I would recommend is Clem! He is professional, gives fantastic advice and has made me feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. I now have no doubts in my ability to drive as I have learnt from the best. Thanks Clem!"

   Rose P.

  • "Instructor Clem is great! Friendly and calm, and a great communicator. And his car is so nice to drive! Highly recommend this place."

Alex C.

  • "Clem was a fantastic instructor and helped get me up to speed in preparation for my test! He was encouraging and built confidence while also ensuring you were driving safe and correct."

Katelyn L.

Step 1

DreamDriver Starter

First lesson only

2hr initial lesson/assessment

Reverse Parallel Parking practice

Auto or Manual #savethemanuals

Step 2



All DreamDriver lessons are 2hrs 

10hr or 20hrs packages pending knowledge, skills and abilities

Auto or Manual #savethemanuals

Step 3



Final test preparation

1,2 or 3 hr lesson before test 


Auto or Manual #savethemanuals

Step 4

Defensive Driving

More information to be provided 

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